You don’t always have the time to deal with notifications as soon as you get them; but you have to anyway. Maybe you are preoccupied with something and cannot give full attention to a new text or alerts. Unfortunately, Android doesn’t care if you are busy with something and cannot be bothered with any notifications. However, a new app has been developed that can simply snooze all your notifications and allows you to view later. Here’s how to snooze Android notifications.

Snooze Android notifications: Boomerang Notifications

Boomerang Notifications is the groundbreaking app that allows you to save or snooze any notifications. So first and foremost, you need to install it. It is available for free on the Google Play Store. After that’s been taken care of, go ahead and open it. On the first launch you will be greeted with a setup guide. Go through it and then end of the guide, toggle the Activate Boomerang and then press Allow when your receive a popup.boomerang notifications 1 - Snooze Android notifications

You can choose specific apps to allow Boomerang to use it notification saving feature or just let it loose on all your apps. If you choose to select specific applications, just check the box alongside each apps’ name.After you are done, tap the back button to finish your work.boomerang notifications 2 - Snooze Android notifications

Now you are all set. The next time you receive a notification for any of the selected apps, you can either choose to view it right there or swipe to remove it. If you preform the later action then you will immediately see a notification from Boomerang asking you to save the notification for later. You can view it anytime from Boomerang Notification’s main menu. You can also press the Save + Remainder button to automatically alert you with the saved notifications after the time frame you have selected has expired. The second notification is provided by the Boomerang app rather than the original app. But the message remains unchanged.

Download Boomerang app here

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  1. According to Amplify this was the number 1 wakelock on my phone. Battery was depleted faster than my phone had ever seen.


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