OnePlus 7 Pro was first released on 14th May of 2019. It is the company’s most powerful phone yet with minimal bezels, a 90-hertz screen, and a pop-up selfie camera. But do you know what can make it reach its full potential? You will find the answer when you unlock its bootloader and start to customize it. This guide will talk about that. Here’s how to unlock Bootloader of OnePlus 7 Pro.

Unlock Bootloader of OnePlus 7 Pro

When you unlock the bootloader of any Android, you unlock a whole new world where you can install a custom recovery like TWRP, install custom ROMs, install Magisk and much much more. But before you go ahead and unlock the bootloader of you OnePlus 7 Pro, you will need to know what it affects.


  • Your device will factory reset.
  • Warranty will not be void.

Now let’s begin.

Step 1: Enable Developer Options

Due to security reasons, the bootloader will be locked by default. This is why it is inside a hidden setting – Developer options. These settings are meant for advanced users and developer only, but we will need to un-hide it for the sake of this tutorial.

Unlock Bootloader of OnePlus 7 Pro

To enable Developer Options, go to Settings > About Phone > tap Build Number 7 times. You will receive a toast saying “You are now a developer”.

Step 2: OEM Unlocking

After you have unlocked Developer options, you need to get in it. Head back to Settings and scroll to the very bottom. There you will find a new option – Developer options.

Tap on it to get in and search for the settings called “OEM Unlocking”. Enter PIN or Password if prompted. Tap on Enable.

Step 3: Enable Advanced Reboot

You need to enable another option inside Developer options. Scroll down till you see Advanced Reboot. Tap on it to enable.

This setting will add additional options on power menu, which will allow you to get into Fastboot Mode on the next part of this tutorial.

Step 4: Boot into Fastboot

Press and hold the power button to bring up the power menu. Tap on Bootloader. This will reboot your phone into Fastboot Mode. You will see the Fastboot menu.

Unlock Bootloader of OnePlus 7 Pro

Now, connect your phone to your PC using a USB data cable. It is better to use the one that came with the phone.

Step 5: Setup ADB and Fastboot on PC

Before you can unlock the bootloader of your OnePlus 7 Pro, you will need to install a proper framework that allows you to do that. You will need ADB and Fastboot to perform the flash. Google SDK provides you with all the necessary things that you’ll need to finish this guide and much more. If you do not know how to install and configure ADB and Fastboot, use the link below.

Read: Setup ADB on Windows and Mac

Step 6: Open CMD / Terminal

After ADB is properly set up, you will need to open a command window inside the Platform Tools folder inside ADB directory. You will need this to unlock bootloader on your OnePlus 7 Pro using commands.

If you are using Windows, go to the platform-tools inside ADB directory and hold Shift key and right-click an empty part of the folder. Depending on which version of Windows you are using, you will see either Open command window here or Open PowerShell window here.

If you are using Mac or Linux, you need to redirect to platform-tools folder on Terminal. To do so, open Terminal > copy the path of platform-tools > type cd followed by a space and then paste the path. Hit enter.

Step 7: Unlock Bootloader

Now it is time to unlock the bootloader on your OnePlus 7 Pro. If you are using Windows, type in the following command and hit enter,

fastboot oem unlock

If you are on Mac or Linux, type the following command and hit enter,

./fastboot oem unlock

Unlock Bootloader of OnePlus 7 Pro

After the procedure is done, you will see a menu. Use the volume keys to highlight Unlock the Bootloader option and press power button to confirm. You may or may not need to choose to Start the procedure. Your phone will factory reset and reboot. You will need to set up your phone again.

Unlock Bootloader of OnePlus 7 Pro

If the bootloader is successfully unlocked, you will see a toast notification saying “The bootloader is unlocked, and software integrity cannot be guaranteed.” Do not worry though, this is just a standard message to let you know your bootloader is unlocked.

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