Any parent would be worried about what their kids are doing. After all, it is their responsibility to look after them and make sure they don’t fall into an inescapable pit of life long regrets. And the worry has grown even bigger due to internet access. They learn a lot from it but it would be wrong to assume that they may not come across something harmful from their young minds. They may be using some site that they should not be using or maybe they are talking to the wrong people about things they should not talk about. But before you start worrying and seize your kids’ phones and tablets, know that there is a way you can monitor their internet usage. Here’s how to monitor android smartphones remotely.

Monitor Android Smartphones Remotely

There are a lot of apps that can help you monitor Android smartphones and tablets, but in this article, we will be talking about an app called Hoverwatch. With it, you can record calls and texts, monitor contacts, calendar and chat on popular social media apps and messenger, monitor internet usage, among others. It also gives you the ability to track the target smartphone. This way you will always know what your kids are up to. Monitor Android Smartphones Remotely Hoverwatch will silently watch and give you details about every chat on all popular messenger apps. Even if they use the default SMS app whole being offline, Hoverwatch will still be able to track the activities. The browser tracker will track every website that has been visited and give you a report. This is just scratching the surface. And with its stealth mode, it will silently run and track all the activities without being detected. The icon will be hidden on the target device’s app drawer and from the installed apps. Hoverwatch can connect up to 25 devices at a time. That is more than enough. You will be able to see all the activities of all the devices logging into your Hoverwatch account. The menu is neatly organized by device’s name which when tapped will show all the tracked activities. You can remove any device at any time by simply tapping on Delete Device or Stop Device Monitoring from the options. Monitor Android Smartphones Remotely The app is extremely easy to use and give you detailed reports of all the activities it is able to track. The setup is easy and it will run undetected on the target device. The pricing is acceptable too. You have 3 options when purchasing a plan – Personal, Family, Business. The Personal Plan will let you monitor one device at a time and will cost you $24.95 per month. The Professional Plan will let you track up to 5 devices and will cost you $9.99 per month per device. Finally, the Business Plan will let you track up to 25 devices and will cost you $6.00 per month per device. Visit hoverwatch Also Read:


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