When Google announced the 6.0 Marshmallow version of Android as the latest update in its I/O event some months back, everyone were excited. There’s no need to mention that Google adds a lot of new cool and handy features in its each major update, and the same happened with the Marshmallow too. Worthy to mention, there is feature like granting app permissions individually which respects the privacy of each and every user, and there also is the feature like automatically associate links with apps, which will take the browsing experience of users in the Android OS to an extra level.

associate links with apps

Before the Marshmallow version of Android, we had to open Chrome to open every links present in our Android devices. For example, except while open in Facebook App, if we had a link of Facebook post in message or other places of the phone, we had to open Chrome to see it. It was annoying, as we had a huge Facebook app installed in our device which was literally for every part of Facebooking, but when we had to open a link from another app, we had to open it in browser. Though in recent days it was a little improved (not by the OS, but by the Apps actually), and links of some of the apps like YouTube actually asked before opening, the situation was same for the majority. Well, with the Marshmallow version, the problem is solved now.

In the Marshmallow, we can Automatically Associate links with Apps, so that whenever we click the link of a particular website, it will only open with the App, but only in case we had installed that in our Android device. Not only for apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, but for every other apps, you can set a specific URL to open. Taking one as example, you can set up Facebook to open the URLs like m.facebook.com, www.facebook.com or facebook.com. The question arises, how to do this? How to automatically associate links with apps in Android. If you are an expert, you might have already using this feature. But if you are a noob or do not play with the Android system much, here are the steps for you to follow:

  1. Go to your Phone’s settings from the Menu.
  2. In the Settings, tap the overflow menu at the top right
  3. Thereafter, go to Advanced > App Links,
  4. Then flip the switch for the apps that you want to set to automatically intercept links from specific domains.
  5. You’re done.

After having followed the above given steps, your worry is over. Your phone will now have the respective app open for the specific URLs that you have set up. If you want to reverse or change this, you can follow the same process. Uninstalling the specific app will also rewind your setup, and when you install the app again, you will have to set up the URLs to be opened by the app again too. Please note that in the Marshmallow version, even if you have not set up app links and there is only one supporting app: if there is no user preference and only one app that supports the function, the user will be passed directly on to that app or website.



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