Music is everyone’s hobby. Even if we have an iPhone, and even if we haven’t. It is only a matter of fact that if we have an iPhone, then the entertainment and charm of music becomes better (just kidding, I’m not trying to promote the iPhone here). However, we can’t deny the fact that listening to music in our favorite smartphone, i.e. the iPhone is awesome, and we all know how it works. Most of the music we buy from the iTunes cost us money, and not all of us love that. We always love to have free stuffs, and it is same in case of Music too. To help you with that, Your Free Music app is now available in the iTunes, which is an absolutely free app.

your free music

You should note that Your Free Music app is not a music downloading app for your iPhone. It is actually a music discovering app from the world’s most popular (probably) music sharing platform, SoundCloud. Hence, this app will provide you with the musics which are only free and legally available in SoundCloud, and not otherwise. At this point, you might be thinking, why should I install this app then? Well, here is the point, there are thousands of musics on SoundCloud available for free, which are to be paid in the iTunes. You have no other option to get them, unless and until you install Your Free Music app in your iPhone.

Another benefit, or good part of the Your Free Music app is its powerful music search facility. You can look for any song, artist, or album in the app, and it will find it in all available versions. Also, you will get the most popular and trending music at that time on the search options, hence to get the best music completely free, all you will need is just a keyword.

Download Your Free Music from the iTunes now.


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