Apple, recently unveiled the new iPhone X on its big launch event on September, 2017. The new anniversary phone features breakthrough technology. Apple ‘s iPhone X is somewhat like iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The smartphone ditches bezels and has glass front and back. The new iPhone X design seals for water resistance and dust resistance as well. Here are the top new iPhone X features, you might want to know.

iPhone X


iPhone X: Top Features

#1. Wireless Charging

Apple now supports Qi standard for wless charging in the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Although Apple still lacks USB port, Apple has opted for Wireless charging. The new iPhone is to boost induction charging. iPhone X works with Qi chargers, which are commonly found. Apple simply wants “people to enjoy the convenience of wireless charging”.iPhone X - Wireless Charging

#2. Face ID

Apple invented the fingerprint sensor to prevent unauthorized access. Today, Apple has introduced Face ID, hence removing the TouchID. Facial recognition has been introduced in Windows as well as Android devices. But we expect that face recognition in Apple will be better. You can always turn back to PIN entry if you don’t like this feature.iPhone X - Face ID

#3. Bezel-less display

iPhone still has no complete bezel-less display. With a slight frame around the display, the new iPhone has somewhat almost bezel-less display. iPhone has tried to increase the display surface area in relation to overall phone size and also by other manufacturers like Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and LG V30. It is a matter of time that Apple will introduce the complete bezel-less phone.iPhone X - Bezelless

#4. Animoji

Emojis are the way to express your feelings via chat. But sometimes emojis can fail to express the right emotions. With Apple’s Animoji (Animated Emojis), you can now customize the animations according to your mood. The Animoji use the front camera to overlay your expressions to the animated symbol. We can always expect Animojis to be seen on Android smartphones and messenger platform soon.iPhone X - Animoji

#5. Augmented Reality

At the launch event, Apple demonstrated various platforms where iPhone x can use Augmented Reality. Instead of introducing its own AR or VR goggles, Apple has dug deep into the software side of the Augmented Reality. This step of Apple will lead to many companies switching side from hardware platform to software in the case of Augented Reality, Virtual Reality as well as Mixed Reality.iPhone X - Augmented Reality

So, what do you think of the new iPhone X features? Let us know in the comment section below.

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