Being a binge watcher myself, streaming a show you want to watch on a slow internet connection while traveling can be a bit of nuisance. There’s nothing worse than seeing an episode buffer while you’re trying to find out who is the Black Hood in Riverdale. But, what if I tell you there’s an app that lets you save your favorite shows for watching offline? Here’s how to save shows to stream offline.

How to save shows to stream offline

PlayOn Cloud is available for both Android and iOS and will let you save shows from practically any streaming service, including Netflix, HBO, and Amazon. This app makes it possible for you to record titles from a wide list of streaming services so that you could binge watch even if you’re in an area with a poor network. Other than aforementioned streaming services, PlayOn Cloud also supports downloads from YouTube, CBS, PBS, CW, NBC, ABC, and shows to stream offline

However, there is a small fee for the privilege. You will need to pay a small fee of $0.99 for each recording. Fortunately, the app is free for both Android and iOS. There are some recording packages that PlayOn provides for their users. Starting from as low as $0.20, these packs are a bargain. with this small fee, you will have your own cloud space from where you can download your shows locally.

Netflix already rolled out an update with support for offline viewing, but unlike Netflix, the recordings on PlayOn never expires unless you delete them manually. For those who are wondering about the legality of this app, the team states that their software is entirely legal and protected by the same laws that allow consumers to use a DVR or VCR to record broadcast content.

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