LG’s main flagship has been its G series for quite some time now. But, due to the release schedule, they had some struggle to compete in the market with devices with newer and better hardware. Keeping that in mind, LG has created its V series flagship. Apart from a better hardware, these devices have a secondary display for various shortcuts, but this was changed with the LG V30.The LG V10 and V20 have something that set them apart from their competitors; their secondary display. This was their selling point. Although people complained about its location, this was still a feature that got a lot of praise. The V series, apart from the secondary screen, has a lot of emphasis on hardware features like removable battery and the camera.This changed with the V30 as they designed it after the LG G6. This means the removable battery is gone along with the secondary screen. Although they couldn’t do much for the non-removable battery, they did try to make up for not having the secondary display. They came out with a software feature that is now officially known as the Floating Bar. This article explains how to get LG V30 Floating Bar on any Android.get LG V30 Floating Bar

The Floating Bar doesn’t replace all the feature, but it offers the user with quick access to a verity of shortcuts, and it does a good job. For those who want this feature but do not want to buy an entirely new device, Reddit user tuannguyenht has developed and released an app called Floating Bar LG V30 that offers the features of the original Floating Bar for any Android devices running OS version 4.4 and above. This application is available for free on the Google Play Store, but it does come with in-app purchases. It comes with some nifty features, including quick access to your favorite apps, tools, site and quick dial.

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