The new range of Google Pixel devices brought us a ton of exciting features. From a godly powerful camera to a squeezable body that launches Google Assistant. Although the hardware cannot be ported (yet?), the software can. As soon as the developers get their hands on them, the stared porting most of the app and features onto other devices. One of such app is the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL’s calendar app. This app works with Google’s new Pixel Launcher to put reminders about your meetings and plans on the home screen. However, Google doesn’t release its Pixel Launcher for other devices, but that doesn’t mean you cant have it by other means. Here’s how to get Google Pixel calendar widget on your Android.

How to get Google Pixel calender widget on your Android

This app, called Another Widget, is created by developer Tommaso Berlose. This app is completely free and will help you put the Pixel 2’s home screen calendar on your Android device’s home screen. The widget is minimalistic and shows only what is needed. You need not worry about it ruining your beautiful home screen decor. The widget will run on Android devices running on 4.4 or above; which should cover any Android device currently in use.get Google Pixel calendar widget

Install Another Widget from the Google Play Store and open it. you will need to give it access to your calendar for it to work and show any upcoming events. For live weather updates, you need to give it your location access.

To put the widget on your home screen, long press on an empty space and select Widgets from the menu. Scroll if you have to to find the app. Long press and drag the widget to change place or resize. And, this is it. you’re good to go. If you’re a forgetful person like I am, this widget is a wish come true. Give it a try.

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