Google’s Android rule the smartphone and tablet market these days, there’s no denying it. Since Q3 of 2013, Android rules 81% of the market while Apple’s share is only 12.9%. This means every 4 out of 5 smartphone or tablet is running android. This shows there are a lot of devices running on Android OS which offers numerous features and customization options and comes it many beautiful shapes and sizes. So it is normal if you think moving to Android is the better choice. But what about all those contacts, messages, notes, and other critical data? It would be unwise and foolish not to do something about it. In this tutorial I’m going to explain you the ways you can migrate to android from some of the popular OS without letting go of your critical data. I’ll assume that your previous device was a smartphone running on popular platforms like iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android itself.

Android: How to migrate to Android from Android?

Migrate from android to androidSince the android smartphone market is being flooded by manufacturers show-casing their newest smartphone, you’ll probably end up changing your device every 2-3 months. If you’re moving from an android to another android, them moving contacts is easy. Since your contacts gets synced to your Gmail’s address book, your contacts will be restored as soon as you sign in with your Gmail id on your new device. However, transferring apps, data and SMS is little difficult. This is where two apps- App Backup & Restore and SMS Backup & Restore comes into the spotlight. You can back up all your apps and SMS to your SD card and transfer it to your new device and restore it. If you’re lazy to do so, don’t worry, there is a workaround for you. You can use a free app called Backup Message & Call to Email which will back up your data and sends it to your Gmail ID instead of backing it up on your SD card. Another powerful backup app is My Backup Pro which is a paid app prices at $4.99 developed by Reware, LLC. This app will back up everything including applications, photos, music, videos, contacts, call log, alarms, dictionary, music playlists, APN, etc. to their online servers so that you can restore on-the-go. A free version of My Back Pro with limited features is also available.

Blackberry: How to migrate from Blackberry to Android?

migrating from blackberry to androidIf you’re a Blackberry user, the only thing you’re still help up your phone since 2010 was because of BBM but now that it available on every other OS, there is no shame in to move to an Android device. Migrating from BB to Android is slightly complicated. BB has no Gmail support so moving your contacts is not easy. It migrate, you first need to create a backup file for you BB by either using Blackberry PC Suit or Data Backup From Blackberry World or similar apps. After the backup file is created, transfer it to your Android. Once transferred, you can use a paid app called 2Can ($4.99) to restore all your data including SMS, contacts, notes, etc. taken from your BB. You can also view, edit and search for you SMS, notes and contacts using this app. A free app called Blackberry Data Sync is another best alternative to restore SMS and contacts to your android.

iOS: How to migrate from iOS to Android?

migrating from ios to androidTransferring contacts from iOS to Android is as easy as it can get. You just have to download the Gmail app for iOS and sync your contacts and restore it to your android by signing in to your Gmail account. Transferring photos and videos is easy too. You need to connect both of your devices to a PC and transfer you images and videos to Android from iOS. However, transferring SMS and iMessages needs iTunes and other applications. First you need to back up your iPhone using iTunes and then copy the backup file to your android device. Now, download SMS Backup and Restore app from Play Store and restore. But there is one limitation whilst migrating from iOS to Android; you can do nothing for your iCloud since it is off-bound for Android. Find My iPhone feature is still available on Android though- using Find My iPhone free- icloud app. Use the app by simply signing in to your iCloud account and start tracking your device’s location.

Symbian: How to migrate from Symbian to Android?

Migrate symbian to androidOld Nokia phone users can easily transfer contacts, call logs, messages and others to an Android using Android Data Recovery/Transfer ($40). This software claims it can transfer data from just about any phone to any other phone and supports over 2000 models. If you don’t want to pay, don’t worry. You can use Nokia OVI Suite and SMS Backup and Restore. To do so, sync your messages using Nokia OVI Suit. Once done, disconnect your Symbian and close the Suite. The next step is to convert the backed up messages to an .xml file. To do so, download and install Nokia2AndroidSMS. It will automatically find the SMS backup file. Click on Convert. Now transfer the xml file to Android and restore it with SMS Backup and Restore. To transfer contacts, use an app called Rainbow Contacts. This app will fetch contacts from almost every device using Bluetooth. Install the app on your Android and turn on the Bluetooth on the other phone. Click the Easy Fetch Contacts button and select the device that contains your contacts which needs to be imported. Your contacts will be imported.

Windows Phone: How to migrate from Windows Phone to Android?

migrating from windows phone to androidIf you have an account on Outlook, Hotmail or Windows Live, transferring contacts is easy. First you need to export your contacts from Microsoft account which is linked to your phone. Once the contacts are fully synced, it should appear in People section on Outlook. Under People, select Manage and then Export. When you’re asked if you would like to save the file WLMContacts.csv click Yes. Next, sign in to your Gmail account and click on Contacts. Click on Manage button and select Import. When a dialogue box appears, choose the file you want to import. After the importing process is finished, the contacts should appear on every device which is signed in to your Gmail account. You can also use app and sync you contacts to your Android automatically. If you have backed up all your images and videos to Onedeive, they can all be easily restores to your Android using Onedrive app. Unfortunately transferring SMS is not yet possible.

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  • This is how you migrate from famous platforms to Android. Once the migration is complete, you can factory reset you previous phone if you’re thinking of selling it or you can leave it at the bottom of you drawer.


    1. I have copied the instructions to transfer files from galaxy avant to SDcard. But the instructions I can’t tell when to be on pc or phone. Can somdone guide me through the process. At least tell me where I do the various parts of the instructions, please. Thank you, Lynn Lucas

      • Thank you for the comment Lynn Lucas. Follow the steps below.
        1. Sync your contacts (settings > scroll down till you see accounts > tap on Google > tap on the email you want to sync to > tap on 3-dot menu > tap sync now)
        2. Backup your SMS using SMS Backup and Restore. Open SMSBackupRestore using a file manager. Copy the XML file to your PC. When you buy a new device copy the XML file to your new device’s SD Card (inside SMSBackupRestore folder)
        3. Backup apps using Titanium Backup (for rooted) or My Backup Pro (not rooted).

    2. Great article. I can suggest a method for transferring SMS and MMS messages from Windows Phone to Android . You can try ‘Import SMS from Windows Phone’ app. You can find it on Play Store. It is Free and it imports SMS messages;has no limit for the messages which can be imported. Also, it has no Ads.

      On the Play Store page you can find a tutorial video which guides you step-by-step how to export your messages from Windows Phone. If your Windows Phone device hasn’t an SD Card, you can use ‘contacts+message backup’ app to export your messages. If it has SD Card, you can also use ‘Transfer my data’ app. Both apps export a file (.msg from ‘contacts+message backup’ and .vmsg from ‘Transfer my data’).

      Simply copy the .vmsg/.msg into your Android device and the app will search for all the backup files. You can select from which numbers you want to import your SMS messages or you can import them all at once.

      If you want to import MMS messages or group conversations, try the PRO version, called Import SMS from Windows Phone PRO. Read the description of the app; are the same steps: you copy the exported file(or the PDU files) from the Windows Phone to the Android Phone and you use the Import SMS from Windows Phone PRO app to import all of them.

      Thank you very much!


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