Sometimes there might come a need to factory reset your Android or you might want to upgrade your smartphone. Before you do that, It’s important to backup your contacts. Here we will show the process for how to backup contacts from Android to Gmail. However, android actually automatically backs up your contacts in your Gmail account. But in case it’s not backed-up or disabled you need to manually enable and backup contacts to Google/Gmail account. To view your contacts simply open your Gmail in the browser.

How to backup contacts to Gmail from AndroidNow click on the “Gmail” icon right above the “compose” button. Simply click on contacts to view your entire phonebook.  Now let’s say you just wiped everything on your android or you bought a new android smartphone. How do you backup your contacts in Android? It’s really simple: How to export/import from contacts settings in Android: The contact settings can be used to import contacts from sim card or internal storage and also export contacts to storage.

Here is how you can backup contacts to Gmail from Android smartphone:

Backup contacts in your Android device

  • Open your contacts
  • Press the Menu button and select import/export
  • Now you can select from options such as import from sim card, export to storage and share visible contacts.
  • Simply export your contacts to storage or SDcard, save it (external hard drive, PC, laptop, anywhere) and later import the file on any android device

Backing up contacts in Google Accounts/Gmail

  • Simply Setup your Google account in your new Android OS or device. For this, go to settings>accounts>>add your Gmail account
  • After adding your account, Android will automatically sync your contacts.
  • Alternatively, you can select sync for your Google account

Also, make sure that your contacts are always backed up

  • Go to settings >> Backup and reset
  • Now check “Back up my data”

It is always recommended to backup your contacts to Gmail account/Google account. As it will be safe on google server even you lost or damage your phone. And it will be easy if you migrate or update to another android device.


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