Backup nowadays is a really important thing to do. We do not know when our important files in our computers or other electronic devices get deleted. To make ourselves secure with that, backup of the files is necessary. Keeping this in mind, several companies around the world are providing backup services to billions of users all around the world. But then, like an oasis in a desert, Immortalfiles pushes the backup system and the related facilities to next level.


In most of the backup services, you have to select each files, one by one to have their backup. Suppose you have thousands of files, and you have to backup half of them, how difficult and lengthy would it be to select them all and get the task done? Even after you backup, it would be a really much of trouble to find each particular file that you have to restore. Hence, at that time, you would have definitely thought that how awesome would it be, if you could backup different folders, exactly the same way you have them in your computer? Well, Immortalfiles has made this possible now, and that too for a very low price.

Another good part of Immortalfiles is that you can select a time interval, and the application will automatically backup all your files and folders that you had previously selected. For this, you will have to set up some definite rules in the application. You can include or exclude particular files and folders while scheduling the backup, and even include or exclude the hierarchy rules for that. Moreover, you can also backup the whole computer if you want to, and for that , you will just have to make some clicks. The good part is that while having the backup of your whole computer, you can exclude some particular files or folders that you don’t need, such as the system files.

This is not the end. You can also backup another disk from your computer, and the facilities for this are also the same. Hence, if you want to have a good backup system in your Mac or Windows, just go for Immortalfiles, and you will not look back ever again in your life.

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