Though the technical preview of Windows 10 was already out some weeks back, it was only for the Windows based computers. Microsoft had released the beta version for developers already, but there was nothing for smartphones running on Windows OS, and here is a good news. Windows has announced the Windows 10 Consumer Preview to be unveiled in January next year. Windows 10 Consumer Preview to be unveiled

Microsoft will be present at the CES in early January, but however, that will not be the venue of the unveil. Microsoft is most probable to do the same in the late January, in a separate event. The exact date will be announced later this year.

Well, everyone is excited about the consumer preview of Windows 10, and we will see in January 2015, how the new version of Windows will be. There is something we know about it, such as it will work on multiple platforms as one operating system, and will also have a feature called ‘Continuum’ that makes it easier to switch from touch to non-touch devices. There will also be the Multiple Windows feature, which is somewhat similar to the Mac OS, and we can say that the feature will be somewhat impressed by that of the Mac OS X. Microsoft has also made it easy to use Command prompt in this version. The users of Windows Phones and Tablets will see it for the first time at that moment.

It is also said that the Windows 10 will have the start menu back, which was one of the much missed aspects of past windows. Windows 10 is designed to run across multiple devices, such as PCs, tablets, phones, and the Xbox One. Microsoft has already announced that all Windows Phone devices running on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 will get the Windows 10 update. What is more fantastic is that the update will be free for all.


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