The invite was the most annoying part of the OnePlus One, the gorgeous flagship killer of 2014. This was the one who kept most of the lovers from buying it, since the invite took a long time to arrive, and was not sure even if you could get one. Though much willing to buy it, many were forced to move their mind towards the alternatives (Xiaomi is one of the strongest of them), because of the invite procedure. OnePlus One is available for purchase without invite

If you are the one who are willing so much to buy the OnePlus One but not having the chance because of the invite, your problem is solved. As a part of the Black Friday special deal, OnePlus One is available for purchase without invite from its site for three days. This means, you can now buy the OnePlus One as you normally do the online shopping, just click and place the order. In addition to this, the Chinese manufacturer also promises, that any order placed in the next 3 days will arrive just in time for the holidays.

To buy this handset, you will have to hurry up though, since this offer is valid for only three days, starting today. For these 72 hours, you can buy the OnePlus One freely, and enjoy the flagship killer in your own hands. And yes, if the stock finish before the end of the time, the offer will vanish itself. So, hurry up as fast as you can if you want the handset. The Sandstone Black 64GB version of OnePlus One goes for $349, while the Silk White 16GB is the more affordable option at $299.

As the part of Black Friday special, OnePlus is also offering several discounts in the accessories (such as Flip Cover, Power Bank etc.) too. That is more awesome, since you will get to enjoy the handset with its super cool accessories, without any filthy procedure to complete.


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