The International Data Corporation (IDC) has announced that India is the fastest growing smartphone market in Asia Pacific in the third quarter (July- September) of 2014. The data analysis has shown that the quarter-on-quarter growth is 27% for Q3 2014, as well as 82% year-on-year growth. This growth is the highest all over Asia-Pacific, thus making India the fastest growing market. Samsung is on the top of the list of smartphone vendors, with 24% of all the smartphones sold.

India is the fastest growing Smartphone Market in Asia Pacific

Micromax is following the lead, and it is not so much far to meet Samsung (this is homegrown smartphone manufacturer as well) who managed to claim 20% (it was 18% in the last quarter, and is in the increasing order) of the market. Other homegrown manufacturers, such as Lava and Karbonn also have significant share in the market, holding 8% each. Motorola, a recently raised company after a big fall, has managed to put an impact on the market with its Moto series smartphones, claiming 5% of the market. Other manufacturers are categorized under ‘Others’, which are dozens of home as well as International manufacturers, and account 36%. India is the fastest growing Smartphone Market in Asia Pacific

However, in overall, if we consider the feature (dumb) phones too, there is still a huge change in the data. The Samsung (16%) is still on the top, followed by Micromax (14%), and Nokia becomes the third (11%) here. They are followed by Lava (10%), and Karbonn (8%), and rest of the manufacturers account for 41%. The change is due to the huge amount of feature phones being sold in India. In Q3 2014, the number of total devices shipped in India was 72.5 Million, out of which smartphones were 23.3 Million and feature phones were 49.2 Million. India is the fastest growing Smartphone Market in Asia Pacific

Kiran Kumar, the Research Manager at Client Devices IDC India, says, “With 6% of the overall smartphone market, Phablets (which IDC defines as smartphones with a screen size of 5.5 inches – 6.99 inches) are observed to be hitting a plateau. Smartphones with screen sizes between 4.5 inches and  5.5 inches are seen as the sweet spot for consumer preference. However, consumers need larger screen sizes to enjoy media content and with the 4G rollout expected in CY2015, we expect the Phablets segment to pick up again”.



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