Razer is well known among gamers as a premium manufacturer of gaming peripherals. Now, they took a leap and decided to get their hands dirty in the smartphone market. They unveiled their new flagship phone this month which they stated are targeted for gamers. But, will the hardware it sports be intriguing for the user as their daily driver? That is yet to be known. Sporting a 120Hz IGZO display, it is the first of its kind. So where can you buy Razer Phone?buy Razer Phone

Razer claims that the phone is designed for gamers who want high-end specs, high refresh rate, and powerful speakers. This phone is focused on 2 core things – the screen and the sound. the 5.7-inch screen that it packs has the world first 120Hz refresh rate on a smartphone and the speakers are Dolby Atmos tuned. So it is safe to say that the headset has some seriously powerful personality when it comes to visuals and audio with a lot of power under the chassis.buy Razer Phone

Order a Razer Phone

When it was first announced, interested buyers only had one option to know when the phone will be officially released. They had to input their email for the alert about the release date. The was has finally come to an end. Recently, Razer rolled out an email to the users who had registered previously. If you place an order to buy the new phone, you will receive the order confirmation email along with a “Preparing for Shipment” notice. Even if you haven’t previously registered, you can still place an order. Head over to their site and place an order quickly before the stock runs out. The limited edition version with a green Razer logo is already sold out.

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