When you are switching from an iphone to Android, one of the headaches is transferring your contacts. Things would’ve been easier if iphone allowed you to copy your contacts to sim-card and then you could’ve simply imported it via Android contact settings. However, there is a convenient way to transfer or export your contacts.  You can easily use iTunes to sync your iPhone contacts to your Gmail or Google account. For this method, you will of course need a Google account. Here are the steps to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via iTunes:

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

  • Open iTunes on your computer
  • Now connect your iPhone to the PC
  • iTunes will now detect your device
  • Click on your device and you will see details of your iPhone
  • Click on “Info”>> Check “Sync your contacts with” >> Select “Google Contacts” from the list
  •  Now enter your Google username and password >> Apply changes
  • Done!! Your contacts are now backed up in Google

To import from Android:

  • In it’s a brand new Android, you will be prompted in start-up to enter Google account information and will automatically sync your Google contacts
  • Alternatively, you can go to settings>>accounts>>add Google accounts>>Enter Gmail username and password
  • Now your contacts are synced to your Android device


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