xiaomi phonesTaiwan is the first country outside China where Xiaomi ships its smartphones. According to latest reports, President Lin recently visited Taiwan and held talks with Far Eastone Telecommunications and also met the President of Transnet Corp. During the meet, Lin explained his plans to shorten delivery time for Taiwan Customers. If things go according to plans, Taiwanese customers will get their Xiaomis within 24 hours rather than waiting for the usual 4 days delivery time. Lin also said some parts of Taiwan would get their merchandizes as soon as 12 hours.
Xiaomi is making headlines for selling out in China and Taiwan. Keeping in mind the growing demands, Xiaomi is also looking to increase their production capabilities and improving their logistics. Though demand for Xiaomi phones are increasing in Western Europe and America,  Xiaomi doesn’t have any plans to sell to that market. However, the essence of Xiaomi’s success seems to be cutting down costs on production, distribution and marketing but there is no denying that by not selling in western markets, Xiaomi is missing out on a large base of customers.

Currently Xiaomi is also focusing on the low end market at home. Xiaomi recently released a $130 quad-core smartphone called Hongmi. Many observers view Hongmi as a rival to Apple’s rumored cheaper version iphone.  By selling Hongmi early, Xiaomi will gain the first mover advantage in capturing the market share of budget conscious customers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Xiaomi’s current flagship is the Mi2s and  is priced at $320. Xiaomi Mi3 is rumored to be released on

Source: China Daily


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