Facebook is an online social networking site which helps to bridge the gap between two or more than two individual. It makes you feel like you are near to each other even though you are miles away. To be connected to each other one should send the friend request and another should accept the request and then the journey starts of Facebook.

know who is ignoring your friend request on Facebook


We do send friend request to many people, some of them accepts our friend request and some doesn’t accept. But have we ever wonder or try to find out how many of our friend requests are pending or simply we can say who are ignoring our friend request.

Here, I will let you know the process to know who is ignoring your friend request on Facebook. So, let’s start.

Know who is ignoring your friend request on Facebook

#1: Open your Facebook and click on Friend Requests icon (You can see on the top right side on the page)

facebook one

#2: Click on “See All” that you can see at the bottom of drop down menu.

facebook two

#3: Now click on “View Sent Requests”

facebook three

#4: Here you can see all the friend requests that you have sent but they never accepted it.

facebook four

Now, you know who have been ignoring you and I am pretty much sure that you are surprised to see the list of pending friend request. Hopefully, this will help you. Feel free to comment if you like this post and share it.

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