All of us Smartphone users have tried several image filtering apps to add the cool factor to our images. There are several applications that provide such functionality and they can be easily downloaded via Google Play Store. However, the big names are those apps that have managed to integrate the image modification features with social media. I personally use only two such apps Instagram and PicsArt.

Thus, in today’s review I will be comparing the features of the two apps, their pros and cons and how they are different in their functions.


2013.03.23-13.13.56People love simplicity and they have short attention span when it comes to apps, thus Instagram’s interface is much preferred here because users can view the most popular post, load their photos add effects, hash tag it and then upload it to Instagram- all in one page by clicking on the bottom tabs. When you first open Instagram you will see the latest posts from people in your network ie. people you are following.

Features of Instagram are very straightforward, you can take pictures, and then add effects to it via built in image filters of Instagram or other such apps, upload it to Instagram and share it on your social networks such as Facebook. Hashtagging is a popular feature which allows users to assign categories to their images such as #pets #houseparteh #wtf. You can also search hashtags.



2013.03.23-13.15.54   2013.03.23-13.13.47

Instagram is a great app to share what’s happening around you with your friends and everyone in the Instagram universe.


  • Simple user interface, fast image upload.
  • Millions of users including celebrities and famous personalities from all over the world.
  • More privacy control.
  • Can record and share short video clips


  • Very few effects to add to images.For more effects users must download other apps.
  • Cannot save images

PicArt- Photo Studio

PIcsArtUnlike Instagram, PicsArt’s Home page dashboard shows options such as Effect, Collage, loading Photo, Drawing on the photo and more.  The user interface of Pics Art is very smooth you can swipe left or right to go to different pages such as My Network, Interesting, Latest and Pics Arts Artists. In the “My Network page” you will see the images uploaded by people you’ve added to your network. In the “Interesting” section, you will see random images uploaded by PicsArt users. The “latest uploads” show the latest pictures from users and in the “Artist” page you will see artworks of professional artists who use Pics Arts.

In terms of functionality PicsArt is far above Instagram. It offers wider range of effects such as image filters, color corrections, color splash, collage and drawing on image. You can also download PicsArtGoo, Kaleidoscope and PicsArt for Kids which are add-on apps that can be downloaded from the Google store.


PicsArt_2013.03.23-13.00.44      PicsArt_2013.03.23-13.04.59

PicsArt_2013.03.23-13.22.13      PicsArt_2013.03.23-13.05.26

PicsArt also supports hashtagging and allows saving of images to your device.


  • Very smooth and attractive user interface
  • A lot of effects to add to your photos from filters, drawing to collage.
  • View professional images and save them for later.


  • Image uploading is slower than Instagram.
  • Separate apps required for some effects such as PicsArtGoo and Kaleidoscope.
  • Ad supported.

Instagram has already established itself as the number one image sharing app and there is no doubt that its easy interface will attract more users to share their lives in Instagram. However, this doesn’t mean that PicsArt has lost. PicsArt is an amazing looking app and its user base is growing everyday. Though both Instagram and PicsArt are image sharing app, the latter seems more inclined towards sharing professional looking photos than everyday pictures of users. Maybe in the coming years PicsArt will become an exclusive platform for professional photo sharing.

Still, it is recommended that you use both of these apps as you can find great pictures to share with your friends or save for yourself.


  1. Although Instagram is easier to use, Picsart is way more advanced. I use picsart for my business. And it’s actually very advanced for an app on apple, android, and amazon. It is the photoshop for mobile. Theres no way I would choose anything else for my business.

  2. I love Picsart and to be more than honest it amazes me why Instagram is so popular. Hence the google search question I imputed that led me to this site and the article was spot on in its observations.

    I only have those two apps on my phone too. Instagram would NOT be on my phone but for the fact that everyone else uses it. My pet dislike on Instagram is the UI (ugly!) and the fact that you can’t double click & have pics in full screen/no pinch & zoom. Not too bad on my Galaxy Note but a nightmare on my IPhone 5! IPhone users are some of the biggest users of Instagram(???).

    Picsart is slick, beautiful and has such great functionality for any one with an ounce of creativity. I love it. It is far superior on every score compared to Instagram. The general user base does tend to be people with a genuine interest in photography as opposed to narcissistic selfie lovers.


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