OUYAReports are in that the android based gaming console Ouya is set to release a 99$ console   as soon as early June this year. Ouaya had completed its kickstarter funding and raised $8.5 million on August last year. The developer edition of the console was said to be available on December that year and the general public were expected to get their Ouya on April 2013 and the price was said to be around $109.

The List of retailers who will be shipping this product includes big names like Amazon and BestBuy. Techcrunch recently interviewed CEO Julie Uhrman and got some insight into what the interface of OUya is like. The author’s first impression was that the device looked great and its hardware is designed has an easy-to-use look. Uhrman During the conversation, also revealed that the release of OUYA 2 for next year is also in the planning..


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