iPhone is one of the most popular Smartphone in the world. There are huge numbers of users worldwide. The iPhone is famous for its hardware as well as its software. Though we don’t find any bugs or issue in iPhone certainly there are some of the small bugs or other issues. These types of issues are solved in the updated version but have you ever experienced that your iPhone has suddenly turned to black and white. Some of you might have faced this problem already and just get frustrated when you can’t fix this. Well, you have come to the right place. Here, I will let you know How to Fix iPhone Black and White screen issue. Before going to the actual solution first make it clear why the iPhone turns to black and white.

iPhone Black and white scrren

This solution works for iPhones, iPads and iPods touch.

Reasons Why iPhone turns to black and white?

Some of you might think this is a hardware issue and the hardware needs to be fixed to get rid of this problem. Well, let me tell you, actually this is a software related issue and it can be fixed easily. The reason why the iPhone turns to black and white is because of “Grayscale” which has been turned ON accidentally. Grayscale is an accessibility setting that was introduced in iOS 8. This cool feature helps those people with color blindness and other visually impaired to use the iPhone.

Methods to Fix iPhone Black and White screen issue.

Turn Off Grayscale:

Turning Off GrayscaleJust follow the steps as given and you can change the iPhone color to normal. Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility and then Turn-Off the Grayscale (tap the toggle button). You can see the changes instantly on your phone, your black and white screen will be changed to a normal color. You should have fixed the issue by now. But in case your problem is not solved. You can proceed to the next method to fix the issue.

Turn Off GrayscaleYou can even use this process to get rid of the Black and White issue on your phone. Many of the users have solved this issue using this method. Hopefully, this will also work out for you. Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Zoom >> Zoom Filter then choose the option to None. This should work for you.

Choosing Accessibility Shortcut:

Gray scale shortcutDon’t get too excited that you have solved the issue. It may bother you again. It is better to look for this Setting option also. So, make sure you follow this step properly. Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility, scroll down the screen and you can see the Option Accessibility Shortcut on the bottom of the screen. Tap on it and you can see many option available there.

This option is very useful and it makes easy to turn ON and Off by clicking the Home button three times (triple-clicking). Now you can see one of the options is check-marked which means you can enable that feature by triple-clicking the Home button. Just choose the option according to the use and your need. But remember, don’t choose “Grayscale” option because whenever you triple-click the home button the screen will turn to black and white and you have to turn-off Grayscale again.

So, these are some of the methods to Fix iPhone Black and White screen issue. Hope you have solved the issue. Let us know which method worked for you and if there are any other methods then share with us.

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