Google play error 491Another Google Play store issue have been bugging a lot of android users with older Jellybean OS. This time its the error 491 (Google play store 491 error) and when this error occurs users cannot download or update apps in the Google Play store. However, there are two quick solution that have worked for many users and you can try them too.  Sometimes a simple reboot works to resolve this issue other times you may have to play with the system settings. The first method in this post is a very common fix for most Android market related errors such as RPC:S-5:AEC-0, Error 498, 492 and so on. The second method involves clearing app caches from the recovery.

Two methods to solve the Google play error 491

Method 1: Delete and re-add your Google account

  • Go to system settings>> Accounts>>Google>>Remove your Gmail account (the account that is synched with Google Play Store)
  • Now from settings>>Apps>>All> Force stop, Clear data and cache for Google Play Store, Google Service Framework and Download Manager
  • Reboot your device.
  • Now again go to settings>> Accounts>>Google>>Add your Gmail account
  • Rerun Google Play Store and update or install your app.

Note: It is safe to delete your account and re-add it. This won’t delete your apps or datas. For those who cannot delete Google account from the settings, read this to manually delete your account: Remove Google account without factory reset

Method 2: Wipe Cache

This method requires that you can go into a recovery mode like Clockworkmod Recovery.

  • Reboot into recovery
  • Wipe cache partition
  • Go to Advanced >> Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Now go back and Reboot system
  • Rerun Google Play Store and update or install your app.

Hope it solve the google play error 491 problem. If you still have any problem or another method to solve this error problem please comment below.


  1. In app manager under all go to google services and uninstall the update. Do the same in google store. If you dont see it uninstall update clear the cache and clear the data. Reboot your phone. You should be good. If not delete your gmail account from your phone. Reboot and connect to it again. Note: make sure you shut off you google playstore updates. It is an update causing the problem. Go to play store and touch your options key. For me it is to the left of my home button. It should give you a settings option to shut them off.

  2. Now if only you told us where the stuff is??? Like, for example, is the system settings thing in the google play app, or in the device settings?

  3. till 2 hour before my google play was working fine but when i uninstalled 2 games, it doesnt let me download any new app or games from play store and shows error 491. i tried to clear my cache memory of phone plus deleted the account and restarted and again logged in but nothing happened still showing error please help me out.!!

  4. Why do we get this error in the first place. Does anybody know. Its wierd. If its a bug on custom roms (even the stock modified roms), how difficult is it to fix or developers are not interested in the resolution?

  5. Hi,the first method didn’t work for me, but the weird thing is this error is showing only when updating 1 app, not the others, nor does it show up while downloading other apps…is this normal? The app is Injustice:Gods among us.

  6. The sad thing is all of you so Called computer genius’are retards because you have offers really no exclamation add to why theism is occupure and have yet to fix mine which is probably the exact same reason my spellingis am grammarso horrible wbtW u(w !s I) give no sit to fix

  7. Hola Ninguno de los metodos me sirvio

    Me sigue saliendo el error 491 cuando intento descargar una app de la play store ayuda porfavor

  8. I tried. Only now I have not the 491 error but a message saying it can not update/download due to an “error retrieving information from server”. What now??? I dont wnat to factor reset my phone since I dont want to lose all my stored stuff on it.

  9. I have a ZTE 4g phone and I’ve tried both options and none of them worked for me I’m still getting error 491…. I resorted my phone to factory’s reset it worked for a day or two but it went back to the same problem any other suggestions that can help out pls

  10. I have zte max and I’m having the same problem as evey op NE els. I’ve tried everything to fix this damn error 491. Reboot, removing email erasing cache arasing data from play store download manager and Google p services . I installed all updates redid email let every thing synch but still damn error 491. Someone please help me.

  11. My ZTE ZMAX Pro has hit the 491 error for a second time since I got it new in December. The only way to fix it was to factory reset. I guess I will be doing it about once a month since this a chronic problem. No other fix works. Apkpure is a partial way to work around it, but paid and some free apps don’t show up there.

  12. The Google Play error 491 has happened not only on ZTE devices, but also on Samsung, HTC, Nexus and other Android phone/tablet. The error makes it impossible for users to download, install, update apps or one specific app. Here are some tricks to fix Google Play error 491.


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