picasa google android galleryIf you are a long time user of Picasa or Google +, chances are that you have loads of photos in your Picasa and Google + albums. When you add your Google profile in your Android smartphone or tablet, your Picasa and Google + albums are going to sync with your Android Gallery by default. When this happens, your gallery becomes quite a mess since your Android Gallery will also show hundreds of pictures from your Google plus or Picasa Gallery.

No matter how many how many times you delete those unwanted pictures, your device will automatically sync and download those pictures back. Quiet a headache, yes? Well, fear not Android lovers, the solution is really simple. Much simpler that this paragraph you just read. Just follow these easy steps to stop Picasa or Google + pictures from showing up in your gallery:

  • Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Choose “Google”
  • De-select “Sync Google photos” and “Sync Picasa Web Albums”
  • Again from Settings go to Applications >> Open “All” tab>> Scroll down and select “Gallery”
  • From Gallery >> Select “Clear Data”

Voila! Now open your Gallery and you will see that you now have only your camera pictures there. Hope this fix worked for y’all. Happy app hunting.


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