Sometimes Android users will get the “app could not be downloaded due to an error 492″ error while trying to update or install an app from the Google Play Store aka Android market. This market error seems to affect only a few apps while other apps download or install just fine.  Here are the steps you can take to solve this problem: In my case, I experienced this error while trying to update the Rockmelt, Instagram and Facebook App. I solved this by simply following steps below.

Error 492 can be quickly and easily fixed by these Methods and Steps:

Method 1: Easy and quick way to fix error 492 on google play store

  1. Error 492 on google palyFirst, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If that doesn’t work follow the steps below.
  2. Go to System Settings >> Manage Applications >> Select “All” tab
  3. Now from all apps list, select Google Play Store and clear data and cache
  4. Now again from the apps list, select Google Services Framework and clear data and cache
  5. Open Google Play and then try to update or install the app. It should work.
  6. If it doesn’t work, boot into recovery (Clockworkmod) and then Wipe cache and from advanced >> Wipe Dalvik cache.

Note: This problem is common in case of Custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod. All customs ROMs have Clockworkmod so wiping cache shouldn’t be a problem.

Method 2: Fix error 492 by Formatting SD card

It was also mentioned in XDA Forum that that sometimes the 492 error occurs when you have a corrupted SD card. So if the problem still persists after following the above measures, you could try formatting your SD card and then installing apps.

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The error code 492 occurring on your Android device might have been solved by now. If not, you can leave a comment below, with your device name. You can leave your opinion if it’s solved too. If you have a problem of persisting error 495 instead, you can see our guide on how to solve it.


  1. “All customs ROMs have Clockworkmod”
    The statement above is patently false. The Recovery is completely separate from the ROM. In fact, it’s not a good practice to overwrite the device’s Recovery when installing a ROM. Some users, myself included, prefer other recoveries such as Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP).

  2. after doing this i am having a problem…my download is not working… i also try factory data reset but still having same prob…help plzz

  3. Clearing the Google Play and Google Framework caches, in addition to formatting the SD card did the trick for me.

  4. i’m having the same prblm even after following all steps firstly my google play stopped work n whn it recovers i could not download apps “error 492″

    pls help me

  5. Nothing works anymore!!! Someone pls fix this,! After I did what this said, the play store completely doesn’t work now

  6. I followed all the steps but it doesn’t work. What is clockworkmod? Where I can get recovery booting in my phone? Please help me. It is irritating.

  7. none of these suggestions worked. not the article not the comments and now google play store wont work at all
    all i want is to get clash back

  8. I have tried all these steps, but it still doesn’t work. Still 492…
    Installed latest version of Play Store, didn’t help.
    First i Wiped all kinds of cache, didn’t help. Formatted SD, didn’t help. Clean dalvik cache, didn’t help. Logged in with another account, didn’t help.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled Play Store, didn’t help. Any ideas left? :/
    I have a ROM based on CM7 for my GT-S5360

    (Used this tutorial)

  9. Thank you so much. following the steps worked. I did have to reboot the phone and then log back into Google. But working like a charm now.

  10. I keep getting a Connection Timed Out error even after doing the factory thing and restarting the phone. It’s still extremely slow and keeps getting stuck during updates (trying to update Pinterest). I actually had to uninstall Pinterest and now it won’t even reinstall. Nothing is working.

  11. I tried all the above things but dint work. It happens to all the apps I try to download . Pizza people help me

    Phone is lava iris 402

  12. Cleared everything this said to clear but now when i try to go into the Google Play Store it just says “check your connection and try again” when there is nothing wrong with my connection as this is the first time this has happened. Anyone know what is up?

  13. I just made some room on my drive and followed some of the advise above, Thank you very much. I cleared cache Force stopping anything needing it and moved programs to SD card, uninstalled what I don’t use. Made sure Nothing else was running in the backround and it worked. the big thing I think is clearing all cache and allowing room on disk. I played this on the PC and hope its like that. Will run it after work. I did get the successfully installed message and it looks there but no time to run it. Took a long time to install. Hope it works for you guys. Oh, Im using a Galaxy tablet newer version purchased about 4-5 months ago.

  14. Hi – I have an Azpen tablet for my daughter, and it suddenly gives me the “cannot download due to error 492” message. I have done all the tricks, cleared the cache, everything! I then tried to download the Error Code Fixer app (which is apparently amazing), and I get the same error code! This tablet does not have an SD card, so am not sure what to do. Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much

  15. I’m using Samsung Galaxy S7562, i’m having an error during downloading from play store (app cannot download due to an error (492) ) help required, any suggestion or solution please.

  16. also mentioned in XDA Forum that that sometimes the 492 error occurs when you have a corrupted SD card. So if the problem still persists after following the above measures, you could try formatting your SD card and then installing apps

  17. Hello. I assume you are still accepting comments about this problem. I seem to have had this problem a lot, and I would clear the apps cache if the app was installed and not updating. If the app simply wouldn’t download, I have went in and cleared the cache for Google Play Store and the Google App Framework you spoke of in this article. At some point none of this was helping. So I found an article that said to go into Settings-Date & Time- Uncheck the Auto System Time and uncheck your Standard Time Zone. Then change your date and time to the wrong numbers. Restart your phone. Go back into Settings – Date and Time, and recheck the two boxes. You can see the phone system automatically reset the time and date correctly. This is suppose to sync the Google Play Store with the phones time… I don’t recall exactly. That has worked for me. Obviously it isn’t now because I’m reading your article. Unfortunately, none of the above is helping me.

  18. i did some research a while ago cause im getting the same error 492 while doing updates, some of my apps i follow this steps Solution No.2 since i do have SD card.

    i hope it help you out guys if not.

    Additional steps to be done is to un-install the updates on google play then update again..some of this basic troubleshooting will sort out the problem of course before you did this you need to have a strong connection.


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