Android smartphones, today have gained wide popularity amongst smartphone users. However, even with its growing popularity, these devices still come with a limited internal storage, which when full causes the device to slow down. As a solution to the problem, we users tend to insert an external SD card into the device. However, sometimes we come to a situation where the device fails to detect the SD card. Many reasons like corrupted SD card, hardware failure, malware, etc. may cause the SD card not detected issues. Let us scour through some of the fixes to solve the issue.

SD Card not detected


Fix 1: Check if the SD card is corrupted

Usually, it’s the external device that is causing the anomaly in our device. For this try mounting your SD card to another device that has been able to read other SD cards. One method I use to check the status of the SD card is to access it via a computer using a card reader. If there’s a problem in your SD card try given methods:

  1. Clean your SD card: Sometimes SD Cards may be covered in dust, dirt, etc. This may cause the SD card not function properly. Check for any spots in the metal area of the card. If found, clean it thoroughly and try mounting it back again.
  2. Check for malware: When installing apps and downloading various contents from the internet, many users tend to download viruses along too. The virus may seize the contents of the card and cause errors. To rule it out, connect the SD card into a PC and remove the virus using anti-virus softwares available.
  3. Format your SD card: In many cases, wiping out the entire contents of the SD card has ruled out the SD card not recognized glitch. To exclude the issue, simply format the SD Card. The default format is FAT32 but this format may not be reckoned by some devices.

Fix 2: Solve the software problems

Factory Reset

When you check your SD card and don’t find any failures, it might be the Android software creating the problem. The software error may be the result of invalid settings. A simple Factory reset may help solve the problem.

Note: To prevent any loss of data, make sure you back up your data in order to recover it after the factory reset.

Fix 3: Repair the hardware issues

If the fixes above do not fix the SD card not detected problem, there might be high chances of your smartphone to be faulty. The issue may be either in the card slot or the internal chipset. If so, visit your nearby local store to repair your device. Note that sometimes, the SD Card is corrupted. If so, recover files from corrupted SD Card and invest on a good quality SD Card.

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These are some of the fixes to solve the retaining SD card not detected snag. Also, join us in the comment section by sharing your views and ideas along with the fixes you know on the SD card not detected issues.


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