Unfortunately app has stoppedI came across a weird error when I started Vine & MusicFX apps on my android. When I opened Vine, it ran for a few seconds and then popped a message “Unfortunately Vine has stopped error” (a sample of this symptom can be seen in the image given). Then I tried to solve this problem by clearing its cache and data from app settings which seemed to work for  “app could not be downloaded” error but it didn’t work for the “app has stopped error” in Vine. Few apps in which this error appears are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Hangout, Inbuilt apps like Setting, Gallery, Clock, Internet, Google Play Store. Wiping cache and data worked for me and I was able to run Vine perfectly.  You can try these methods to solve the issue:

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Methods to fix: Unfortunately, the app has stopped error

Method 1:

Check if there is a new update for your app in the Google Play Store and install the app.

Method 2:

Uninstall and reinstall the app.

Method 3:

Go to Manage apps >> Select “All” tab >> Select your app (or process) that has the error >> Clear cache and data. Rerun the app. If it doesn’t work try steps below.

Method 4:

After following method 3, If you have a custom recovery, Clockworkmod, go to recovery and wipe cache and dalvik cache, reboot and run the app. If your phone is not rooted (in which case the Clockworkmod won’t work), switch off your phone first. Then, press and hold the Power+Volume down button at the same time, until you see the recovery mode of your phone, which starts with an Android robot symbol. You can follow the mentioned process to wipe your cache then.

One major reason for this error to occur in your device may be the unavailability of RAM. It means, the best idea would be to control the multitasking only to that extent which your device supports, and closing unwanted apps frequently.

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Hope these methods definitely help you to solve the problem. Please leave a comment with your device name and the app name where you are getting this “Unfortunately app has stopped error“.

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  1. Brother, I have tried this method as u said, but this has non effect the pop on is same….
    My phone was working properly..but I did factory reset than install app from saved .apk…
    Then some apps are working but some like facebook, kingsoft office, airdroid and many are not working.
    The pop on “Unforthunately facebook has stopped” and the app has stoped…
    sir please help me out..
    Thank you

  2. i have downloaded it fr free for torrent i m facing the same problem SA has stopped working in my oneplus one as i start it pops up how can i fix it n it works on friends mob without any issue we both are using same phone.

  3. I am using Xolo Q700S. I am faciing problem like “Measure stop working”, “Security Plugin”is installed on my Android when i factory reset my mobile.”Time services”,”Android System”is running. All these msg pop up regularly. I have done factory reset so many time but once i login Google Account it comes up again.Let me know if you have any solution related to this problem.

  4. HI IM Also battling to get my Sony Experia to work I’ve tried all the above and now the phone keeps Switching itself on and off . How do i resolve this issue . It kept saying that all apps are closed like above mentioned please help 🙂

  5. i have found a fix
    gta sa usually donot run on kitkat
    saying that it has stopped unfortunately and blaa blaaa
    i just install master cleaner on my andriod through playstore. and then optomise boost and clean my andriod then i start the gta sa and it was working
    should try 100% work

  6. I have Samsung S4 and I install GTA vice city when I open the app it saying that ‘ unfortunately GTA vice city has stopped ‘ tell me the solution

  7. please i av a lenovo a 319 its updating by its self and the WiFi and data switch on by its self. please wot the solution?

  8. Some apps like PlayactiveMp3, addonsbookdirectory,Extremememorylook are installed without my permissions and cause problems that all the apps are “unfortunatel the has stoped”.Then i uninstall those apps from my mobile.After fews minutes those apps are reinstalled and cause same problems.

  9. i have micromax fire 4 and the app name is Dead target(game) it does not launch properly nd i have used all above methods no one worked….plz help bro plz

  10. I have downloaded gta vice city from mobogenei when i m opening the game it looks good but when i m going to start playing it says (Unfortunately, Gta vice city has stopped)
    Tell me how to fix it.I have tried to clear cache and app data but nothing work.
    Please help me

  11. i have a really weird one. my tablet say “unfortunately, has stopped working” without any app name. so what should i do?
    is this somehow because of root access? cus i have rooted my device but was working fine for a long time since now

  12. I have remdi not 4g rooted.. Upgraded to marshmallow.. Everytime i open Instagram it close down saying “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” please help?

  13. I am having lenovo a7000 …and I have downloaded wwe immortals…..but when I open the game it get stopped after the intro video..and I kicked out of the game…it says unfortunately wwe immortals stopped… Please help me in solving my problem…


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