Free Language App Duolingo

If you are learning Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian or English, Duolingo is probably the most fun language learning app your will find. Duolingo is absolutely free which means no ads or in app offers to disturb you while you learn your languages. This app is based on the concept of learn while you play. Basically it’s kind of like playing an answering game where you earn points for correct answers and advance to higher levels. Answer incorrectly and you will lose hearts and you can’t advance to the next lesson. You will also need to make correct pronunciations to advance. Each lesson is divided into bit sized lessons so that you are not easily bored.  You will slowly advance from basic lessons where you learn common words and phrases to more advanced lessons where you learn more complex phrases and sentences.

To keep things more competitive, you can add other Duolingo users and see where there are and how much points they are earning.  For example, If you and your friends are using Duolingo to learn German, you can add your friends (via their username) in your Duolingo app’s leaderboard and then the app will rank you and your friends based on experience points.

Furthermore, this app doesn’t take much space and also doesn’t bog down your system RAM. Learning language takes persistence and repetition. So, it is recommended you do not skip days when you are learning a new language. Use Duolingo at least twice a day and gradually advance through the language lessons.

If you are interested in the language set offered by Duolingo, go ahead and install it right now:

Duolingo for Android

Duolingo for iOS




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