synced facebook contacts

On your Android smartphone, recently you may have been freaking out by a new problem about the synced facebook contacts. If you’d synced your Facebook app with your phone contacts and don’t know how to add phone number to your synced facebook contacts, you may have all of your Facebook friends in your contacts list which may be too much annoying, because it may fill up your phone’s contact list without any numbers or details, which just makes to appear the names (this is really pathetic)! This would have been even more annoying in case you don’t know the process to edit them, and don’t find the need to delete, since you want to keep them along with their phone numbers and other details available. If you suffer the same problem in your phone, here we are sharing an idea about the solution to this problem:

The Samsung contacts app has a combine function in which u can combine the same contact from different apps, so u can use that to combine a Facebook contact with their phone no (which would be a Google/phone contact).

Follow these few simple steps given below to edit your synced facebook contacts:

  • Open the Contact page of your Android Smartphone.
  • Scroll down. You’ll find the connection option at the bottom.
  • Select Add a connection here.
  • You can add any details of the contacts according to your wish now, and use it in your desired way.

synced facebook contactsThere is another way available too, which is telling your friends to update their details in the facebook so that your application syncs them automatically and put the details of the them in the contacts page of your Android Smartphone. The first way would be pretty easier than this though, what’s your saying? Leave a comment.


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