Opera mini is one of the mobile’s most famous browser, in almost all types of phones and OSs. In case of android phones, since the 4.0 version of the OS, it has solved its complex fonts’ problems. But in case you are using an android version of 4.0 or below it, you may have the complex scripts (eg. Devnagari) problem in your phone, which makes them appear in boxes, which is quite annoying, since you can’t read the fonts, and even though it takes all your page’s space. If you use opera mini for browsing the web pages, Here we have come up with the solution of how to solve the scripts’ problem in the application.
Open your opera mini, and open random sites of your local language.

fonts unsupported
If your local fonts appear in the boxes that you can’t read, as shown in
the picture, try the following steps:

1) Go to the address bar and type config: or about:config.

2) As shown in the image, a page appears. On the bottom of it, you can see the option of  ‘use bitmap fonts for complex scripts‘.

3) There you’ll see a ‘no‘ option already checked inside the box.

4) Check the box and select ‘yes‘.options
4) Click the ‘save‘ option below.


Now you can view any fonts loaded in the webpages. You can’t copy it, but still it’s better than not getting to read it at all, isn’t it?Nepali opera browserNote: This technique works for all OSs in which opera mini can be installed.


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