Xiaomi Mi3 is has been rumored to be released within this year and its already making all the waves. We have seen numerous leaked pictures, specs and benchmarks of the Mi3 in the past few months. Some of those leaked benchmarks showed ridiculously high scores while others showed more believable scores. Now, Xiaomi Mi-3 has been recently spotted in a GFXbench benchmark with the highest score among smartphones. The highest scorer in the list is NVIDIA Shield which has the same Tegra 4 processor as Xiaomi Mi3.


In the GFXbench, a Xiaomi Mi-3 with a 1920X1080 (1080p) display and a Tegra processor is listed. We are pretty sure, as rumored,  it’s a Tegra 4. Mi3 managed to get a score of 5,414 and 47.5 FPS which is higher than that of HTC One (5119 and 45.3 FPS) Samsung Galaxy S4 (4948 and 43.8 FPS) on the same list. Though the scores and FPS of these devices is not drastically different, the Mi-3 will probably have a price tag that is less than half of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Low price with high specs mean another pre-order frenzy and early stock outs for the Xiaomi Mi3. Let’s hope this time Xiaomi makes enough Mi3 for everyone.

Sadly, European and American markets will not see Xiaomi Mi3 in their retail stores. However, even if users ship the Mi3 from China, it will still be cheaper than the latest flagships sold in US and Europe.

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Source: mydrivers


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