Xiaomi mi2s

According to news reports, the Xiaomi Mi2s, whose spec we reviewed only few weeks back, has sold a record 200,000 units in 45 seconds. It is confirmed that the 32 GB Xiaomi Mi2s have run out of stock and consumers can expect the 16GB model in the near future after placing their orders.

Considering Xioami Mi2s awesome specifications for a price under $350, no wonder everyone wants a Xiaomi. Outside, China, consumers in Hong Kong will be the first to get Xiaomi Mi2s smartphones for the price of $2500 HKD.

However, for this success to continue Xiaomi will have to ensure s moth after sales services for its thousands of customers. Many consumers have complained in the past that compared to Samsung and Apple, Xiaomi has not so good software support such as ROM updates and immediate bug fixes. However, majority have positive things to say about Xiaomi.

Check out this fanmade unboxing video of Xiaomi Mi2S:



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