Samsung’s Logo Timeline

Samsung logo history

The first logo of Samsung was introduced back in 1938 when it manufactured noodles and dried seafood. Noodle? Yes, noodles, you got that right. Didn’t expect that did you? However, like any smart entrepreneur, founder Lee Bung-chull decided to put his eggs in different basket by expanding into electronics in 1969 and that’s when Samsung Electronics was established. The current brand logo of Samsung first appeared in 1993.

The term Samsung means “three stars” and all previous logos had stars on them. The current logo mius the stars, is more attractive and easier to remember. Plus it has a deeper meaning. In the new logo, the ellipse represents the universe, the blue color is the sky and the ocean and the ‘S’ and ‘G’ aligned with the borderline means Samsung is connected to the world.

Well, looks like Rome wasn’t built in a day and Samsung has come a long way to become the world’s leader in smartphone market.


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