Samsung has just launched a dual sim Galaxy S4 also known as GT-i9502 Duos for China Unicom. Other features of the device will be the same as the original Galaxy S4 (GT-i9500). It comes with a 1.6 Ghz Exynos octa processor which is faster than snapdragon 600.  In China and other South East Asian nations, there is high demand for dual sim devices and looks like Samsung is leaving no stones unturned to cater to the needs of the huge Chinese market with the Galaxy S4 Duos.

There is another news circulating which says that Samsung is working on a range of new smartphone designs. If you compare the design of Samsung with HTC One, you will notice that the former feels relatively cheap and less durable with its plastic polycarbonate body . Whereas, HTC One has a more durable solid body adding to it a premium feel which is rare in android devices in the market today. Thus, rumors are rife that Samsung is working on a rugged version of Galaxy S4 which might be dust, water proof and slightly heavier than the current S4 version.Samsung has also confirmed it will be releasing the Galaxy S4 mini soon.


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