It’s almost the end of this year, and Samsung is yet to provide the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to its most recent flagship devices (though some models have got it already). For the older flagship models, like the Galaxy Note 2 (which is more than 2 year old now) and the Galaxy S4 (which is almost 2 year old now), there was no hope for them to get the update of latest version of Android, at least not by the users. This is because Samsung is usually slow for updates, and it doesn’t care much about the older flagships. But now there is actually a good news for both the Note 2 and S4 users, the two devices are reportedly confirmed to get the Android 5.0 Lollipop.

note 2 and s4

The Finnish site of Samsung (which has been quite a reliable site for a source of update information  for Samsung’s Galaxy devices) lists the Galaxy Note 2 and S4 in the lists of the devices by Samsung to get the Lollipop update. There are many other devices by Samsung like Samsung Galaxy Alpha, S5 mini, Note 3 and Note 4 listed for the update as well, but this is not as interesting as compared for those older devices. The schedule for them to get the update is however, not known yet. We can easily guess that it will take at least a couple  of months from now for them to get the update though, since the users had waited even longer than that for the KitKat update. However, we can expect another surprise from Samsung like this, for these devices to get the update soon enough, and it would not be too much to hope.

So, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S4 users, who were willing to change their devices merely to use the Android 5.0 Lollipop, need not to spend money for the new mobile devices anymore. It is actually the time for them to rejoice, and wait for the notification of the update to appear in their devices.



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