Android phones’ storage capacity is increasing along with the apps available for it. One may have a lot of apps installed in his/her android smartphone but only few that gets used on a regular basis. Frankly speaking, most of us only uses a handful of apps daily or frequently. Putting that aside, scrolling past numerous apps in the app drawer to find the app you’re looking for can get pretty annoying. So wouldn’t it be easier if the apps you use frequently can be accessed from the notification drawer for your convenience? So keeping that in mind, I am reviewing an awesome app called Hanger – Smart apps shortcuts, which pins the apps of your choice on the notification drawer. So go ahead and pin the apps that you use daily and access them conveniently without any hassle.

How to Launch Frequently used Apps from Notification Drawer

Firstly, you need to install Hanger – Smart apps shortcuts from the Google Play Store. After the app gets installed, it will auto-activate and you’ll see 8 (10 apps maximum, 3 apps minimum) of your most frequently used app on your device’s notification drawer. You can even add a second row if you need more apps to be displayed. The apps displayed on your notification drawer may changer later as Hanger will record your app usage and pin the apps accordingly.notification drawerInside Hanger’s setting you can find 4 tabs, namely Apps, General, Behavior and Appearance. The Apps tab displays the time you spent on each of the apps installed in your device and you have the ability to sort them either Alphabetically or Time spent in app. Tapping on the apps will make an drop-down box appear which will allow you to pin the app to notification drawer, change its icon, blacklist it or reset its stats. Next is the General tab which has a bunch of cool features. From there, you can toggle Hanger to appear in the notification bar, force the app to start on boot and use an icon pack. You can also sort apps that appear on the notification bar according to Time spent in app, Alphabetical, Last opened or Time pinned. Multiple pages (up to 5 pages) of app displayed can also be added from here. Next stop is the Behavior tab. Here you can adjust the Hangar’s notification position and make Hangar launch apps in floating widows but this feature is only available in few custom ROMs. The last on is the Appearance tab. Here you can adjust the number of apps that you want to see in the notification drawer, add a second row, change the status bar icon’s color and enable divider. You can also colorize notification icons with the color of your choice; just enter the hex of the color of your choice in the Color option.hangar settingsSo this is pretty much all about Hangar. You can get this app for free from the Play Store without any premium in-app purchases whatsoever. However, if you want you can donate to the developer if you think the app is worth it.


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