You all know what are GIF files, right? Well for those who don’t know, GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format which is a popular file format for creating animated images. Though they lack color range and quality, they are significantly useful if you are trying to transfer images across internet using low data usage. So for those who know the significance of GIF images and want to create some gifs using minimal effort using your Android device, this article is for you. Here, we are going to talk about an Android app called the Gif Maker which, as the name suggests, helps you create GIF images.

How to create GIFs on Android

First you need to install GIF Maker from the Google Play Store. Launch the app to see its main menu. You can make gifs from the video you shoot using the Camcorder feature included in the app. You can also use previously saved video or a series of burst images that you took using your camera to create a gif file. To demonstrate the usage of the app, we are going to use the Video option to import a video from the device and create a gif out of it.

Start by clicking on the Video icon from the main menu. You’ll be brought into a screen with all the videos you have in your android device. Select one to proceed. Once you select a video you’ll be bought in a new screen where the video starts to play. There you can see a timeline where you can set the start and end point of the gif you’re going to create. After you’ve finished setting the starting and ending points, now it time to edit the size and FPS (frames per second) of the gif from the editing panel located on the top left corner. When you are done, you can proceed to the next screen. Here you can see each frames of your gif. Click on Make to render the file. Rendering may take some time based on the quality of the image. After the rendering completes, you’ll have your gif file ready for upload.gif maker videoYou can also create gifs from multiple images. Just select Photos from the main menu. Now select the photos you want to make the gif with. After you finish selecting the images, proceed to the next screen by tapping on Next. You can reverse the sequence of image and adjust time, resolution and quality of the image from the options located on top. After you’ve finished editing the images, it’s time to render the gif. Tap on Make to create the gif. It may take some time based on the quality of the images. After it’s done, you can share your newly created gif file.gif maker photosThis is it. This app does what is claims to do – make GIF files. However this app is resource hungry and uses a lot of your device’s resources in process but other than that this app is pretty good and powerful. Try it out to know for yourself.


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