Puzzle games are always nice to play, especially if they require a lot of trick to be used. In the list of the games of the same genre, TwoDots is one, that is completely related to dots. In this game, you can sink anchors, create bombs, crack ice and more to score as many points to earn medals.

Pros Cons
Good Graphics and sound Expensive in-app purchases
Nice and easy Gameplay No unlimited lives scheme
Good sense of Story  No 1-1 challenges

Developed by Playdots Inc., TwoDots requires dots of the same colors to be matched. We can clearly say that this game has the similar concept of Candy Crush Saga, with some different features, such as tapping and dragging, instead of swapping. Here, you will see the dots of different colors, arranged randomly. You can click and drag in the dots, wherever there are at least two dots of same color arranged horizontally or vertically, and they will vanish. You will get the score for this. You can’t match the dots in diagonal though. This game will have enough levels for you to play, and you will get certain mission to complete to cross the level. With the increase in every level, the objective becomes more and more difficult to complete. Every 20 levels a new obstacle-dot is introduced that matches the current theme, including anchors, ice blocks, and fire-dots. There is a map of sorts that will show all of the levels that are available. The map is broken off into different sections, with distinctive backgrounds that give you a preview of what you’ll be getting into. After you enter in the level and start playing, you will also have the limited number of moves, within which you will have to accomplish the mission. For example, if you are given 20 yellow dots to cross and you have 15 moves, you can click and drag 15 times in the game, and if you cross out 20 dots, the level is crossed. But if you fail to do so, there will come a pop-up, asking you to purchase extra moves. If you make a perfect square on the board (connecting the last point to the starting point to do so), then it will clear out all dots of that color from the board. You will also have limited number of lives, which come every 30 minutes. The maximum number of lives will be 5, and when you finish all the lives and still want to continue playing the game, you will get the pop at the very same time you click on a level to pay, where you can have a refill of lives for $0.99. TwoDots Game review

While the price of in-app purchases for the lives and moves may not be so expensive, but not having the unlimited life scheme really suck. This means, you will have to pay everytime you want extra life and move, and continue paying for forever. TwoDots review

There is also the rating system in each level as well, which will award you upto 3 stars, depending on the amount of score you achieve. If you use the minimum moves to complete the objective, you will get the three-stars. Replaying the level can help to some extent for this, but not always (sometimes you just get lucky, as the dots move random). The new obstacles, which appear every 20 moves, give more and more challenge to the player. Whenever you want to quit the game in the middle while you are playing, you will lose the life that you are playing, so you have to go easy on it. You will have to focus more as you go up in the levels, as it needs a lot of conscious and concentrating mind to complete. You can also link the game with your Facebook account, where you can save your progress, and also see the current status of your friends in the game. The leaderboards of the game is only done through facebook, which is gross.

The visuals and the sound effects of TwoDots are good, and I loved the theme and the storyline. The visuals and environments are charming too, and yes, it doesn’t have any ads in it, which means its only source of revenue is the in-app purchases. The special sounds are more awesome, when you do something great, like matching a square. Though not as much as the infinite running games, this game also comes under the time-killing games, and will do more so, if you are willing to pay.

Download TwoDots from the Play Store.



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