Angry Birds‘, a well known game for all, is almost as old as the smartphones, and is one of the most played games. If we count on the series, there are altogether 12 series of Angry Birds, the latest of which is Angry Birds Transformers. Fused between the widely popular Transformer TV show (also the movie series) and the Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment provides you with a good source of time-killing game for your smartphone.

Well, in this installment of the Angry Series, a little innovation is made, which makes it somewhat different from the rest of the Angry Birds games. The Angry Birds, which are in the form of transformers as Autobirds and Deceptihogs, now run shooting around, instead of flying from the catapult by swype, as done the previous versions.

Pros Cons
Superb Animation and sounds Expensive crystals and in-app purchases
Easy and entertaining Gameplay  Repetitive
Transforming toys

Angry Birds Transformers

I have been a Transformers fan since years, and also the Angry Birds fan when it was initially launched. With the passage of time, many versions were released, but it was the sad thing that all used the same Gameplay method, with very little changes. Everytime you had to do was swype the catapult and hit the pigs. That was gross, and was probably the major reason for decreasing popularity of Angry Birds. This time, the developers therefore, used the idea to do something different. They used the popular running activity, made the birds as transformers and kept the piggies in different forms to be hit. However, even though running is involved in the game, it is not a racing game, running is solely done for the sake of completing the objectives given.

Angry Birds Transformers

Describing in detail, when you launch the game, it takes a while to load, and there comes the game selection window. Of course you will get the instructions if you are using for first time, but not thereafter. When you choose the level, a spacecraft will drop the transformed Angry Bird (which is you, playing the game) to the coast. The process follows running, where shooting and firing are inevitable. The helicopter pigs will fire at you, and also the other normal pigs, which are situated in the wooden or glass boxes (like the previous games). You will have to tap on the screen, wherever your target is, and the transformer will keep firing in it, until the mission is accomplished. In the process of running, you will also see the walls falling down, where the runner will have to transform itself into the car, as in the movies. The goal of the game is to blast and kill as many pigs and eggblots as possible, which will make you earn rewards. When the transformer dies in the middle, your soul is pulled towards the sky, and there comes the in-app purchase suggestion (to revive and continue playing), and the reload option, as in every other games, which is clearly expensive. Instead, if the mission is accomplished, you will find the spacecraft ready to receive you at the end, which will take you and fly. While playing, you will feel the fused sound- the gunshot and chirping of the birds, along with the nice and fun music track.

Angry Birds Transformers

There are different characters from the movie as well. For examples- Red is Optimus Prime, Chuck is Bumblebee, Stella is Arcee. They will all have a beak though (transformer birds), which is nice to see. The game starts with Optimus Prime, and is passed on to several others. It is really fun to have a new player with exciting features for the game, but it sucks when you have to pass a certain level to unlock it, and all you can do for this is to wait, or to pay. If you do well in the game, you will also earn the gold, coins and gems, which are obviously used to unlock the several features of the transformers. If you want to unlock a certain feature, and don’t have enough coins or gems, you can purchase them as well.

Conclusion: Despite of some disadvantages, Angry Birds Transformers is a nice game to have in your smartphone, it will surely be enjoyed by you, and your young kid. There is a lot to enjoy, and you can do it all for free despite the expensive in-app purchases. The Graphics and sounds are awesome. Tap, shoot, ride, transform and enjoy!

Download Angry Birds Transformers for iOS and Android.


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