There is no doubt that the popularity of the Candy Crush is the only reason that gave birth to its sibling- Candy Crush Soda Saga. While the former is the second-most profitable game in the smart devices earning millions of money each day via in-app purchases (that too, after years of development), the team had a nice idea of making a new version of it. With the same major aspects and some new features, the all new version of the game is developed for the Candy Crush champions all over the world! Personally speaking, I was not much of a Candy Crush Saga champion though, I was stuck at level 163 and I stopped playing the game.

Pros Cons
Nice animations and features Not much of an innovation
Smooth UI, easy and fun gameplay Annoying notifications
Good graphics and sound  Expensive in-app purchases

Candy Crush Soda Saga   Soda_Saga_2The new Candy Crush, which is labelled as ‘Candy Crush Soda Saga’, is somehow harder to explain though. It is not really a sequel, neither can it be called a spin-off. Just as the name suggests, the game comes with more or less ‘Soda’ inside the game which makes the candies float, instead of falling as that of the previous one. Apart from this, there is another major change- which will make a Coloring Candy by combining seven candies, which unlocks some of the locked candies and changes it to the same colour as itself. In the previous part, the seven candies just formed a colour bomb, same as that when five candies were combined. You can also see a lot more fish in this version than the previous one. You can still see the hammer present, which will be used to hit a candy, without matching the colour. You can still swap the two special candies like before, and produce a lot of power, depending upon which ones you swap. Along with these, you will see a lot of soda of each colours or candies, popping which will help you increase your soda depth. Don’t get confused, you will need a lot of soda to cross each level. With all the missions you are given to cross a certain level, it will not take much time to feel that this game is slight harder to play than the original Candy Crush.

All this comes in a complete new music. The music sounds similar to that of some adventure movie, and it is quite nice. The guy comes back with all the dialogues, with some additional sounds like ‘sodalicious’, ‘Soda’, and so on. The colour bomb will give the shock to the candies in a more exaggerated manner. You will frequently see the candy bear, whenever you do something important. The game will itself give you suggestions when you are out of ideas about which candies to crush, but you should not follow the suggestions, since this will not lead you towards completing the missions and ending the level. Only 140 levels are available since the first release, but more are promised to be added soon every week or so, similar to the previous one.

In overall, if you are not much into the Candy Crush game, this one is also not going to change your mind. You’ll continue hating this if you hated the previous game, but for the lovers, it comes with new level of juice and excitement. The previous Candy Crush players can feel a refreshment playing the Candy Crush Soda Saga. We suggest you, however, not to send the annoying facebook notifications to your friends whenever you are out of lives, like you used to do before, because you will have the chance of getting blocked (I did the same, btw :D). Instead, you can use the in-app purchases and make the Swedish gaming giant more rich.

Download Candy Crush Soda Saga for Android and iOS.


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