iPhone to OnePlus OneNothing is permanent in our lives, not even our smartphones. At many times, we like to change our smartphones, and even switch between different Operating System platforms. We have previously posted about the guide for users while migrating to various platforms, and this time, the post is for the users who have recently switched (or are planning to switch) their smartphones from iPhone to OnePlus One.

OnePlus One does not have a separate OS though, the Cyanogenmod it has is one of the (we can say most popular, and most stable) various custom ROMs of Android. In other words, the OS it has is Android, but in a modified manner. But still, you are definitely going to have some difficulty if you are trying to get used to it and you are new for Android (of course, because you’re moving from iOS). OnePlus has officially released the user guide for such users, which is expected to make the switch easy. The tagline of the guide is also similar, which says “Making the Switch: Easy as One, 2, 3“.

The summary of the guide for migrants from iPhone to OnePlus One, which will help you a lot for the migration:

  • Sync your contacts
    This will help you to bring back your all contacts, if you had the online backup of them in iCloud. For this, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts. You can also export the contact from your iCloud account, or your sim card to the internal storage of the phone from here.
  • Download Music Manager
    For this, you should go to the Google Play Music, where you can download upto 20,000 tracks for free, and even download the iTunes tracks and playlists which you had stored in your iPhone.
  • Download the Photos
    If you download Google Plus app in your iPhone and login with your Google account, you can back up your  photos here, which will directly appear in your OnePlus One. It is all so easy.
  • You can also sync your emails to the new OnePlus One. You should disable iMessage in your iPhone for you to see your emails in your phone.
  • Almost every iOS apps have an Android version, and those who don’t, there are so many apps having the similar features and functionalities. Enjoy!

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