Factory reset is a common term for those who use electronic devices; particularly smartphones and tablets. This feature is supposed to wipe all your data and ensure it look like the device you saw and felt when you first bought it. Unfortunately, things doesn’t always work as intended. Android tends to leave some bits and bytes of data lying around even after you wiped it. For beginner users this is invisible, but for advance users who are up to no good, this is like a treasure chest of valuable personal data. This is one of the culprit which results in violation of privacy and personal data. But now you don’t have to fear. We, at Appslova, are here to ensure your personal life is yours by teaching you How to stop recovery of data after you factory reset.

First, let’s find out what actually happens when you delete your data on Android. When you tap that delete button, android make you think that the file is actually deleted but the fact is it leaves some data lying around and marks then hidden. This hidden parts of deleted data gets overwritten by new data but till then it is completely possible to recovery them and ultimately your personal life gets violated.

Readers’ don’t be scared by reading all the above paragraphs that focuses greatly on violation of privacy and how horrible it is. There is an easy solution to prevent all this. All you have to do is encrypt the data before pressing that Factory Reset button. I’ll walk you through quickly on how you can encrypt your data using hardware encryption. Below is the method for encrypting your android device. Most of the device has the same method.

Method for Encryption:

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Find and open Security.

Step 3: Tap on Encrypt phone.

factory reset

Encryption process takes about an hour or more depending upon the volume of data that needs to be encrypted. After your device is encrypted, head over to Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Reset to wipe all your data. Now whenever someone tries to recover your data, they will be of no use as they are encrypted. Now can feel safe to dispose or sell your device without having the fear of your personal data getting on the wrong hands.




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