Android Nougat has a system wide share functionality. This menu makes it convenient for you to share content from a app to another. This feature has been on Android for a while now, but Android N’s share menu lets you pin a sharing app. this makes it easier for you to share content over apps. For instance, you can share a link from your favorite browser to your friend on Viber, or a contact form your phonebook. Here’s how to pin an app to the Android Nougat Share menu.

How to pin an app to the Android Nougat Share menu

Step 1: Open Google Chrome (for this guide, we will be using Google Chrome but you can use any app of your choice). Tap on 3 vertical dots located on the top right corner. Now, tap on Share and a list of app will appear that you can correctly use to share the selected - pin an app to the Android Nougat Share menu

Step 2: Look for the app you want to share the content over. Tap and hold until a menu pops up. Tap on Pin and this app will be pinned to the share menu. We will be choosing Viber for this guide. So now whenever you bring up the share menu, you will have the option to tap the desired contact and send the link.

Step 3: If you want to unpin an app, simple access the Share menu, tap and hold it till a pop up appears. You will see an option to Unpin the app. Tap on it to remove the app from the share menu.

This is it. You can use any supported app of your choice to use this feature. Now you don’t have to jump over app to share any content.

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