With the news of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding all over social networks and media, you might be wondering whether or not your phone is safe. The devices Samsung replaced were also catching fire, forcing them to completely discontinue Note 7. Airlines have started banning the device and users are warned to stop using it.  Although this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a smartphone exploding but this certainly is the first time this has happened on such large scale. So whatever smartphone,  tablet or laptop you have, go through the tips below to stay on the safe side. Here’s how phone battery explodes.note-7-explodes - phone battery explodes

 How phone battery explodes

This is kind of a tricky question to answer because there is no exact reason for it. There are a however a few assumptions why a phone battery might go boom. In case of the Note 7, it was a major manufacture’s flaw. Samsung still has not clarified the issue.

One reason the Lithium-ion battery might explode or catch fire is if it’s pierced or broken. This can happen when you drop your phone, which in turn can short circuit the battery casing it to expand and ultimately explode.  Another cause is complications related to charging. Charging a battery causes it to heat up a little and if the temperature gets too high, a short circuit might occur. If a battery cannot cool down fast enough, it can cause a chain reaction that accelerates the increase in heat and it might catch fire or explode. With Fast Charging, the heat increases even more. So it is recommended to safe charge your phone and only use fast charging when in a hurry.

How to stop the battery from exploding

  1. Always use the right charger or the charger that comes with the device.
  2. Remove back cover and cases when charging. This can cause some serious heat to accumulate.
  3. Make sure you unplug the charger when done.
  4. Make sure the charging socket is not damaged.
  5. Never leave your phone under your pillow when charging at night.
  6. Avoid direct sunlight when charging
  7. Let your device cools down and never play games when charging.
  8. Do not tamper with the battery if its removable.

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