remove root from androidRooting the Android smartphone or a tablet is of course very useful, but not at all the times (see our previous article on advantages and disadvantages of rooting an android device). At some point of  time, you may want to sell your mobile off, or you may just want to exchange, since there are some awesome exchange offers occurring frequently in the smartphone market. At that time, you may just want to remove root from Android device you are using since most of the buyers don’t accept the rooted device. It may be quite difficult if you do not know how to do this. To root the phone, different models require different processes, but, however, though there are different methods to do this, there is a precise way which is easy and sure to remove root from Android smartphone or tablets. The method which we are sharing here works for most (in case if not all) of the rooted android devices. If you are searching for how to remove root from Android device, you can follow the following given steps:


  1. This method requires the SuperSU application installed in your Android device. You may most probably have it already if you are a root user, but in case you’ve uninstalled it, download it and run it in your rooted device.
  2. Click on the Settings tab on the top right corner, and then click Full Unroot. A pop-up will occur asking you whether to continue or to cancel the unroot process, just tap on continue and let it work. This will take some time (a few minutes) to unroot your device.
  3. After it is done, reboot your device.
  4. At the last and not the least, uninstall the SuperSU application from your Android device, as you will not need it anymore.

The process to remove root from Android device you are using is done now. You will not have the access anymore, and you can now sell or exchange your smartphone confidently.



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