Facebook has rolled out an encrypted self-destructing messages feature for Messenger. This feature requires both the sender and recipient to have latest version of Messenger to work. The interface is identical; you will have access to emoji, slickers, photos, etc. like on normal conversation. The only thing that differs is how the message gets sent. We will guide you through it. Here’s how to send secret messages in Messenger.

How to send secret messages in Messenger

Step 1: Open the Messenger app and tap on the compose message button located at the top right corner. You will be taken to the New Message screen and there you will find button labeled Secret. When you try to send an encrypted message for the first time, you will be alerted. Just tap on OK to continue.

Step 2: Now, select a contact that you would like to send the encrypted message to. Note that the recipient need to be on the latest version of Messenger or else they will not be able to read the message. The app will not tell you if the recipient can or cannot view the message or what version are they on.
send secret messages in Messenger

Step 3: After you have selected a recipient, enter your message. The message will not self-destruct by default but you can configure that. To configure a message to self-destruct after the set time, tap on the timer button located above the thumbs up icon. Select how long you want the message to stay visible and then send it. The self-destruct timer ranges from 10 seconds to a whole day. When you configure the message to self-destruct, the whole conversation thread will self-destruct at the same time. You can turn it any time but you never recover the deleted messages.

When you receive a secret message, you will get a notification that doesn’t tell you who it is from. It just says Someone sent you a message. If you can’t find the option to send a secret message, make sure you have updated the app. if you are on the latest version but still cannot find the option, it could be because the feature has not rolled out on your region yet.

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