Android has be supporting 3rd party keyboards for a long time now. These 3rd party try to provide features that are unavailable on the default Android keyboard to provide better experience for the users. One such feature is GIF support. We can certainly agree that funny GIFs are a huge hit on the internet. Previously, you would have to install a 3rd party keyboard for this feature, but starting from Android N you can do this directly from the default keyboard. You can search and send GIFs with just a tap. Here’s how to send GIFs in Android N.

How to send GIFs in Android Nandroid-n-gif-keyboard - send GIFs in Android N

Step 1: Open the Messages app or any other app that supports text input.

Step 2: Tap on the emoji button located next to the space bar.

Step 3: You will be switched to emoji keyboard. There you can see a “GIF” button located next to the space bar. Tap on it.

Step 4: The GIF keyboard has categories that you can search through for the GIF you need. If that is too much work for you, you can search for the GIF from the built-in search feature. After you find the right GIF, you simply have to tap on it to send. You can also play them in the Android Nougat’s Messages app.

This is it. Now you can spend hours playing “GIF wars”. The keyboard searches GIFs from the popular GIF repositories such as Imgur, Tumbler and Giphy. You don’t necessary need to be on Android N to search and send GIF files. Installing Giphy app for Android will do the trick, but it may not be as convenient as sending GIFs right from the keyboard. If you want that convenience in any other version of Android, install GIF Keyboard from the Google Play Store.

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