These days, most, if not all, smartphones have a camera. This may be because nowadays people depend on their smartphones for everything, and the photography also comes under this. Be it good or bad, depending upon the specs and price of the smartphone, the cameras of the smartphones vary upon various aspects. While talking about Android smartphones, most of them have good cameras, and some of them have OK cameras. The good cameras may not need anything because they are good by themselves, but in case your camera is OK or so, you will most probably need a photo editor application in your Android smartphone.Photo Editor Camera 360 Selfie

To edit the photos which are taken or are present already in your Android device, Photo Editor Camera 360 Selfie can be a good option. Though it may not have so much features as that of the applications designed for computers, still it has more than basic functions and they are good. This app is an absolute free app, and when you download it from the Play Store and launch it in your Android device, you will see two options in the first screen: which will be the camera and edit. The camera is like the normal camera app, but whenever you shoot a photo with this, you will get the option to save or delete the photos, which is one of the many plus points of the app. When you enter in the editor section, you will have to choose a photo, and thereafter, you will get so many features to edit your photo with. To mention some of the major features that this app has, the features such as One-tap auto enhance, Gorgeous photo effects, frames and collage (grid), Fun stickers, Color balance, Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo, Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation, Sharpen and blur, Color temperature (“Warmth”), Color Splash, Focus (Tilt Shift), Draw and add text can be mentioned. This app will also let you to create your own memes, and along with this, there are cosmetic tools, which will fix red eye, remove blemishes and whiten your teeth.Photo Editor Camera 360 Selfie

In overall, Photo Editor Camera 360 Selfie is a good app to have in your Android device, if you love editing the photos, especially in your Android device.



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