From hydro-jets racing to police car chasing, today we are featuring some of the best racing games that you can play on your android devices. All of these games can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Though most of these games will run well if you have a dual core processor but a quad core device is recommended for the best performance. Here is the list of best racing games on android:

Riptide GP

best racing games
It’s a futuristic hydro jet racing game with gorgeous console quality graphics. Explore 12 water raceways, perform stunts while you are in air to get boost and chose from three different game modes: Race, Hot lap and Championship. As you jet pass the different maps, you will be able to unlock 7 awesome hydro jets. Ruptide is also optimized for devices with Nvidia’s Tegra processors. In such devices, you will see blur effects and realistic water splash effects. This is hands down my favorite racing game on Android. If you have Moga or Xperia Play, you can connect your controller via Bluetooth and USB to play this game.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

If you’ve played NFSMW on PC you will know that it is one the most successful and best graphics racing games where you can buy all kinds of cars and customize it with better engines, tires, suspension and so on. As you race through the city roads, you will be chased by police cars and escaping them while battling other street car racers is a lot of fun. The android version doesn’t have an intriguing story-line as the PC version but the game does look drool worthy on your android smartphone or tablet. You can unlock and customize over 40 world class cars. You can create an online account to see where you stand in the most wanted list compared to other players.

Asphalt 7

This is the best looking game of the Ashphalt series and probably the most famous racing game on Android and iOS. In Ashphalt7, you will get to drive 60 different cars which include big names like Ferrari, Aston Martini, Lamborghini and DeLorean. There are 15 tracks of real cities around the world to run your hot wheels on. If racing in arcade mode is not enough you can go online to compete with up to five players online or locally.

Reckless Gateway

best racing games on android
Your objective in Reckless Gateway, as the name suggests, is to recklessly get to your destination by destroying vehicles specially police cars- higher points YAY!), making high jumps and collecting gold points. The game has two play modes- Getaway and Wreckless. In the first mode, you play 84 stages where you ride a yellow sports car to make your getaway. In reckless mode, you ride an awesome green truck across 80 stages – smash anything smaller that gets in your way and get higher points. The graphics are excellent and gameplay is very smooth.

Mini Motor Racing

best android racing games
Mini motor racing is another remote controlled car racing game. This game has beautiful graphics and challenging controls. The rotating touch control will take some time to get a hang of, but once you do you will have a lot of fun. There are 20 tracks, day and night and different weather conditions, where you can race your choice of cars. For multiplayer racing, the game allows to connect up to 4 players via Wi-Fi. Setup an account to see your global ranking.

Revolt Extreme

best android racing games
Re-volt is a very popular PC racing game where you race your radio controlled cars through high speed tracks. Now Re-volt has made its way on Android and surprisingly it is as fun as the PC version. You have 14 race tracks (from suburban streets to over rooftops) and 42 RC cars to choose from. The game play is very fast with a lot of explosion, unique tracks and challenging gaming modes. If you are a noob, you can even tone down the difficulty.


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