If you’re an android user (or even if you are not), you surely love to play different kinds of games on your device, whether it be your smartphone or your tablet. And if you are one of those who are tired of playing alone in your Android device, CanadaDroid has developed a new unique game for you- Nobody Dies Alone. You can try this if you are bored of playing mainstream games in your device, with your friends and have fun.

nobody dies alone

If you try this new game and enjoy its perks and features, download and install the Nobody Dies Alone app in your device from the Google Play Store (its absolutely free). After you have it installed in your device, launch it, and you’ll see the cute animations, along with which you can see the option, where you can choose the playing mode, which vary from Normal to Insane, with the Hard and Crazy modes coming in between them. While you start running in the grassy fields of each section you will be required to jump to cross the obstacles(tree stumps) which will appear in your way, or you will die. The number of players keep on increasing with the ascending order of he mode. It means, in the Normal mode, you will have two runners, which will keep increasing with harder modes, which makes 5 runners for the insane mode. The tackle of any one player will end the game and hence, it has the name ‘Nobody Dies Alone'(in my opinion, though). You can play the Normal mode quite for sometime without having any company, but I bet you can get some achievements in the harder modes alone.

It is quite fun to play the game if you have enough friends to play with (or alone too, for the normal mode), but it is not the time-killer app, as other games of Android. It means, it will not be a good option if you’re waiting for someone and want to pass the time by playing the game. Hence, we can clearly state that requiring multiplayers, Melodramatic title and being a hard game (not actually) can be its downsides, but its cute animations, very little delay between rounds and the unique feature are the points which will convince you to play it in your Android device. You should also make sure that the multitouch of your device works fine too if you want to play Nobody Dies Alone.


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